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“Innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” (Thomas Alva Edison)

Let us perspire for You!


Experimentis services and infrastructures warrants customers several benefits.

Cost Efficiency

Without building own facilities :
Customers can start experimenting immediately – Time is money!
Customers only pay for ordered experiments avoiding fixed laboratory costs.

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Resources allocation

As experienced professionals we perform experiments correctly
helping our customers save time and money!

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Accuracy, Reliability and Confidentiality are our work principles!

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Experimentis is specialised in Pulp & Paper, Dissolving Pulp and Biorefinery Technologies, New Ideas for Biomass Conversion, Recycled Materials and Fuel & Energy. Check our provided processes and treatments for biomass.

Pulp & Paper

We have been serving the pulp and paper industry for more than 20 years.

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Dissolving Pulp

We are well equipped for studying dissolving pulp aimed at producing cellulose based textiles.

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We provide a laboratory platform for testing various biomass fractionation processes in biorefining.

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New Ideas for Biomass Conversion

We will help with your idea and find a way to test it.

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Experimentis is well equipped to help you understand the complicated behavior of heterogenous reaction systems such as lignosellulosic biomass conversion.


Our reactors are uniquely developed for various unit processes of biomass conversion.

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Supporting Equipment

We have the necessary additional equipment to support the laboratory operations.

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Experimentis team is formed by highly qualified professionals with long experience in performing experimental trials.

Henri Pihala

Senior Technician

Ebba Erko

Senior Technician

Touko Touhino


Hanna Tannela



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