Dissolving Pulp

We are well equipped for studying dissolving pulp aimed at producing cellulose based textiles.

Our laboratory is equipped with state of the art jacket heated digester technology. The equipment includes heated auxiliary tanks enabling simulation of real mill situations – where liquors and filtrates are circulated and re-used.

Prehydrolysis displacement batch kraft cooking

Conventional prehydrolysis batch kraft cooking technology, steam and water prehydrolysis

Prehydrolysis displacement batch kraft cooking combined with Cold Caustic Extraction

Comparison and process decision support of PH-SB and PH-CBC cooking

Prehydrolysis and hydrolysate recovery technology, e.g. hydrolysis boosting with acid, liquid vs. steam phase hydrolysis

Sulfite cooking

Testing of different wood species and their mixtures

Alkaline extraction of pulps

Bleaching of dissolving pulp for viscose testing

Bleaching equipment includes reactors for high-shear mixing and even ozone treatment. All typical bleaching stages can be simulated (e.g. O, EOP, D, P, Z, P, E-stages), also cold caustic and hot alkali extractions.

Test viscose and viscose testing from experimental dissolving pulps

Final quality of the pulp can be tested both using normal laboratory analytics and by viscose and spinning experiments

S-alkali solubilities and R-alkali resistances, pentosan content, viscosity